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Belnico - your guide in the field of clinical studies! Why Belarus?

Thank you for your interest in Belarus!

About the Country

The population of Belarus is over 10 million people. The capital of Belarus is Minsk. There are five regional administrative centers in Belarus: Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev and Vitebsk. We are located in the geographical center of Europe and belong to the East European group of countries. Belarus borders on Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine.  Our nation is famous for modern architecture and such prominent figures as  Barbara Radziwill, Marc Chagall, Tadeusz Ko'ciuszko, Louis Burt Mayer, Zhores Alferov, Chaim Weizmann, and many others.

Health-Care System in Belarus

The health-care system in Belarus has significantly improved its effeciency per the independent Bloomberg Association and occupies the 42th place among 190 countries outranking Russia and the USA which brings it to the leading positions in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) per 2014 official review. In 2008 Belarus implemented a new system of financing the health-care system based on the capita ratio.  The main focus is on investments to the health-care system on restoring and upgrading clinis, policlinics, medical centers and equipping them with modern medical equipment.

BELNICO CRO – Your Guide in the Field of Clinical Trials!

Over the last fiew year the number of private medical centers and companies that provide a wide range services has increased. The level of medical services correspond to international standards. The quotes for treatment in Belarus are still considerably lower than in the neighboring countries. 

Why Belarus?

  • Full compliance with ICH GCP 
  • High number of patients at sites compared to other European countries 
  • Wide range of well equipped, certified clinical sites to conduct clinical trials in various fields 
  • Lower price tags compared to the neighboring countries
  • Highly professional, trained investigators who can assure of the high quality level of clinical studies 
  • Fast document turn-over for approvals, licences during all stages of clinical trials
  • Improving health-care system that guarantees larger investments in clinical trials 
  • The population is over 10 million people 
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