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Homeopathic medicinal product Abnoba VISKUM Fraksini, 20 mg

Homeopathic medicinal product Abnoba VISKUM Fraksini, 20 mg

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One of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Germany, a specialist in the production of homeopathic medicines – ABNOBAGmbH. The basis for products, Mistletoe , is widely used in treating conditions precede the development of cancer, even if you do not set the primary focus, and there is the presence of metastases. Treatment of homeopathy works on different tumors (malignant/benign), variations in physiological parameters of blood, perekantserozy, preventing the occurrence of recurrent symptoms after surgery.


It should be noted that mistletoe is detected incompatibility with other drugs. But the use of the drug is suspended in the following cases:

  1. High, more than 38, the temperature.
  2. Inflammation, accompanied by temperature.
  3. Allergy to grass mistletoe and preparations of it.
  4. is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  5. Not recommended for infants.

is contraindicated in a sharp increase in dose, without medical approvals, as a result of – possible severe allergic reactions.

The dosage and reaction

At a concentration of 0.02 mg treatment begins with a single vial of $ 3 per week. Over time, gradually increase the dosage at your own pace, with the mandatory tracking patient reactions. At precisely calibrated dose there is a general improvement, reduction of pain. The immediate reaction to the injection: pain in the head, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, slight fever in this case is positive, it should be brief and to pass on the following day. Otherwise, the dosage and concentration for this patient are reviewing. Oncology Treatment implies a clear observation of all reactions in Vol. h. and local inflammation at the input of the drug, it is in any case not exceed 5 cm in diameter.

The next component to be independently monitor – temperature. The patient should keep the schedule of increase/decrease of this indicator. The first measurement is to be morning, up to 7 hours, and the second – after 14 hours is not a long half-hour rest. Measurements were carried out strictly daily at one and the same time. In order to establish the maximum temperature figures, in the first days at the treatment of cancer , the measurement is carried out every two hours.

The reaction of immunity also subject to special control: increased eosinophils, lymphocytes, cells of the immunological status of the state (determination of lymphocyte subpopulations). The dose is increased gradually from 0.02 mg to 0.2 mg 3. in the first week, for 0, 5 mg 3 times a week. In some cases, the dosage is monitored by the local inflammatory response and deviations from the usual symptoms of cancer.

The method of administration

This homeopathic remedy requires special protection from oxidation, is used as an injection immediately after opening the ampoule packaging.

The drug is administered as close as possible to the site of the tumor or the metastasis formed, injection sites regularly alternated. Exception – inflammatory lesions on the skin or areas of exposure. Injections made by conventional medical techniques.

The treatment is carried out in the morning, at a maximum temperature, after entering the drug needs rest. Duration of treatment course depends on the general state of the individual reactions possible exacerbations and monitored by a physician. With a favorable prognosis after a couple of years the patient is transferred to the mode 2 injection a week. After 8 years of treatment receive drug treatment to become the next - 8 weeks of injections, 4 weeks break


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