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Homeopathic medicinal product Abnoba VISKUM Fraksini, 0.2 mg

Homeopathic medicinal product Abnoba VISKUM Fraksini, 0.2 mg

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Homeopathic Remedy "AbnobaVISKUM Fraksini", 0.20 mg

Instructions for use

  • Active substance: Juice mistletoe. Donor Wood - Ash
  • The form of preparation: The solution
  • Composition Ampoules volume (15ml) of 8, 21, 48 - in the package

Application area:

  • Prevention and treatment of cancer of varying severity and form of (good / malignant), postoperative maintenance therapy.
  • Dosage is determined individually
  • A method for determining the required dosage:

In order to establish the necessary and effective dose, treatment should begin with the mistletoe receive one ampoule of 0.2 ml on the schedule: the ampoule through the third day. This mode of drug administration should be followed unless otherwise indicated doctor appointed this drug.

Needed to fix the following changes in the body for the selection of the optimal means of administration:

1. Changes in immunological reactions. The increase in the white blood cells (leukocytes)

2. An increase in temperature. It can be of several types:

Almost instantaneous temperature rise immediately after injection

Delayed reaction. During treatment the average temperature rise value.

Rhythmic. There may be differences between the temperature measurements in the morning and in the evening (0.5 degrees).

3. The general condition improvements.

4. Local inflammation. It must not exceed 5 cm in diameter.

If, at a specified schedule taking the drug was no reaction, it is required to increase the dose of the drug or change the tree - the owner of the drug. Still, it may be necessary to change the frequency of injecting upwards.

Contraindications in cases of mistletoe treatment:

Individual intolerance of components. Treatment of mistletoe should not be used in acute inflammatory processes with a body temperature above 38 degrees. In the initial stages of pregnancy until the third month inclusive. About the drug effects on children and infants do not have the information.

Side effects:

Dizziness, headaches, chills, feeling of lethargy and weakness, fever, local and general pain, allergic reactions.

When tumor treatment process takes a long period of time, means should be used in low dosage. Since this is a homeopathic medicine, the quick results should not be expected, it should be set up to receive full therapeutic effect within one to two months. After passage of 30 days, the treatment may be repeated. Means AbnobaVISKUM Fraksini, can also be used to prevent the formation of tumors, but its use should be only on doctor appointments.

The main active ingredient:

0.15 mg squeezed juice of 0.2 mg of grass mistletoe wood - ash host

Other components:

Natriymonogidrogenfosfat 2 of H2O, ascorbic acid, water for injections.

Name and address of the pharmaceutical company:

Abnoba GmbH Hoentsollernshtr.16, 75177 Pforzheim

Cancer Treatment in Belarus

In accordance with the anthroposophic knowledge of man and nature here include: the treatment of malignant and benign tumors; Treatment of malignant diseases of the blood, treatment of certain prekantserozov, prevention of relapse after surgery.

  • Opened vials should be discarded.
  • The drug should not be used after expiry date.
  • Store in a refrigerator (2 to 13). Do not freeze.
  • The medicine should be stored out of reach of children!
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