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Homeopathic medicinal product Abnoba VISKUM Fraksini, 0.02 mg

Homeopathic medicinal product Abnoba VISKUM Fraksini, 0.02 mg

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For detailed information on AbnobaVISCUM Fraxini 0,2 mg in English, please visit the manufacturer's siste www.abnoba.de.

This drug is a homeopathic remedy and it is used for the treatment of cancers (benign and malignant tumors), bone marrow, with postoperative therapy.

Active substance:

  • mistletoe juice (0.015 mg); tree - the owner of the ash;
  • Additional substances in solution:
  • Injection water, C6H8O6, natriydigidrogenfosfat 1 H2O, natriymonogidrogenfosfat 2 H2O
  • Product: ampule with a solution of 1 ml.
  • Packed with 8, 21, 48 vials.

Treatment of Cancer "AbnobaVISKUM Fraksini" 0.02 mg


Such treatment homeopathy should be used only on a doctor's prescription for the prevention of cancer and in the treatment of cancer of varying severity. The drug is used in the postoperative period, when the tumor is removed, and it is expected a stable remission.


Use of the drug is prohibited in inflammatory processes, accompanied by fever. Also, you can not apply the remedy if the treating allergic to the components contained in this medicine. Information about the impact on the body is not pregnant, because it was not noticed any serious consequences. To avoid precedents should refrain from receiving the drug during the first three months of gestation. There is no information on the use of this drug in young children and infants. LYUOM case, before you buy a homeopathic remedy Abnoba VISCUM, consult your physician.

Side effects of the drug:

Perhaps the appearance of vertigo, lethargy, feeling of chills, fever, local and general pain, allergic reactions, broken state.

Cancer Treatment mistletoe. AbnobaVISCUM Fraxini 0,02 mg (Ash)

Currently very popular in the world of homeopathy becomes, Belarus is a European country, is no exception. High-quality and natural products have already proven themselves in many areas of medicine. In recent years omelosoderzhaschie substance becoming increasingly developed in cancer therapy.

The dose shall be determined by the attending physician individually, but begin the drug vial with a capacity of 1 mL, with a concentration of 0.02 grams of the active ingredient. If the reaction does not occur, it is necessary to carefully increase the number of injections.

Determination of reactions in the body to determine the correct dosage Fraksini 0.02:

1. It is necessary to monitor changes in the number of white blood cells.

2. Temperature readings:

The sharp rise in temperature, immediately after the introduction of the active substance;

Fluctuations during the day (the temperature can vary with the measurements in the morning and evening);

Constant increase in temperature indicators in the course of treatment;

3. The local inflammatory process at the site of injection should be between 5 cm;

4. Ensure the improvement of health and general health;

The above reaction must be accompanied by the correct dosage found. If none of them is not apparent, it is necessary to change the dosage of the drug to increase or change the tree - the owner of the drug.

Oncology treatment in Minsk, as in any other city, may take a longer time period. In the case of long-term treatment, the drug should be taken in small doses, to obtain the optimal therapeutic effect. When the first course of drug administration is finished, the second can not begin earlier than in a month. Cancer Treatment in Belarus imply full compliance with the instructions of the drug. Only after a certain number of full cycles of treatment, can be used to judge the efficiency of the drug.

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