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Products AbnobaVISCUM Fraxini in Belarus

Homeopathic remedy AbnobaVISCUM Fraxini (AbnobaViskum Fraksini) Ampouled in the form of officially registered in the Republic of Belarus in 2013, the year. AbnobaVISCUM Fraxini intended for metastatic cancer processes in four potencies (0.02 mg, 0.2 mg, 2.0 mg and 20 mg).

Background information on the availability of homeopathic medicines AbnobaVISCUM Fraxini pharmacies in Belarus can be found on news sites www.103.by, www.tabletka.by or phone help pharmacy network 159.

Cancer Treatment in Belarus

For the modern human cancer - it is a serious diagnosis. This is one of the reasons that affect our lives that encourage us to make quick and sometimes unpopular decisions. As soon as we hear the diagnosis that many of us immediately lose their will to fight this terrible disease. Unfortunately, even today the cancer - a disease that in the event of late detection is almost always difficult to treat. Nevertheless, it is not a sentence. But what to do when the disease is detected? To fight cancer, doctors use all known, are allowed in Belarus, the most modern techniques and methods of treatment. But it is extremely important to remember that the earlier the doctor finds the tumor, the more likely the patient to recover. That is why the better once again be examined in the clinic than looking for ways to effectively treat the later stages

Cancer Treatment - How does this happen?

As is known, the cancer - this is a dangerous disease that, developing for a long time without symptoms, manifested by gradual and sometimes very rapid changes in the organs and systems in the late stages of development, leading eventually to immune disorders and malfunction of certain cells development organism which randomly developing, lead to the appearance of tumors. Species neoplastic processes a lot, you must also keep in mind that every cancer patient is sick on the. It turns out that by itself the tumor is one of the manifestations of the disease in its final stages of development, but the beginning should be regarded as a violation of homeostasis, various changes in his organs and systems, often extending no apparent complaints, symptoms or changes in the analysis, and so on. d.

Cancer treatment is always complex: it always depends on the type, stage, location, age, etc. and decided by the attending physician. Often, patients underwent surgical treatment, together with courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In the case of successful treatment of cancer patients assigned rehabilitation treatment.

How to recognize a cancer?

Detection of disease at an early stage allows to get more chances for full recovery. Unfortunately, quite often, their own people can only observe outward signs during the inspection of his body. There are cases when people go to the doctor with an overall deterioration of health. But, for the most part, in the early stages of cancer is detected only at the usual routine inspection. Always remember that the onset cancers usually asymptomatic.

There is no need to postpone a planned visit to your doctor. If you feel weak or unwell - ask the doctor to appoint a full examination.

Methods of treating cancer in Minsk

Cancer, like many complex diseases, has 4 stages. Best amenable to treatment first two of them. Selecting the treatment regimen is exclusively the prerogative of the attending doctor.

The disappearance of the symptoms of cancer is that the disease went into remission. Typically, cancer patients are assigned repetitive studies, which, depending on the doctor's recommendations are carried out every 3-6 months, or 12. In that case, if within 5 years oncological disease does not manifest itself, it is considered that there was a complete recovery. However, one must always be aware of relapses and continue to occur in onkovrachey and pursue rehabilitation therapy.

Features of treatment of cancer in Belarus.

Firstly, this is a unique healthcare organization when, in our country has the most advanced equipment and the most advanced technologies of treatment of cancer. Do not forget about the availability of cancer treatment in our country and the high level of oncologists.

New oncology Belarus

Now you have to say about the new. In 2013, a homeopathic remedy Abnoba Viscum Fraksini was registered in Belarus. This drug is used in Western Europe for more than 70 years, and in German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) is used in 73% of cancer patients.

There are four main reasons why Omeloterapiya so popular in Europe:

1) Improved sensitivity to standard chemotherapy and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy

2) Increase of specific immunity to the cells onco

3) 20 mg expressed apoptotic effect (loss of oncological cells, the cytotoxic effect

4) improves the comfort of life of oncological patients.

Therefore, for example, in Germany, mistletoe preparations are assigned immediately after establishing the diagnosis of oncological, significantly better tolerate chemotherapy.

Receiving mistletoe preparations continued and after the course of combination therapy for rehabilitation and prevention

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