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Homeopathic medicines company Heel in Minsk

This is to inform all users of products of HEEL GmbH to include doctors, clinics, other that effective 2016 the Medical Company BELNICO is authorized to perform pharmacovigilance of sales and use of products of HEEL GmbH in Belarus per the pharmacovigilance agreement with HEEL GmbH.
The present Agreement defines the services agreed upon by the Parties and responsibilities that pertain to homeopathic products in part of pharmacovigilance to ensure safety of the medical products and compliance with normative requirements enforced by the legislature in Belarus.
Please submit all claims connected to side effects or side reactions resulted from the products by HEEL GmbH (for example, allergies, etc.) to the Medical Company BELNICO so that we could inform the Manufacturer and responsible state institutions for pharmacovigilance in Belarus.
Please note that we do not accept claims resulting from products by HEEL GmbH if they are purchased outside of the drug network of Belarus.
Medical Company BELNICO
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