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About the Company «Pascoe»

About the Company «Pascoe»

BELNICO is the official distributor of the PASCOE manufacturer in Belarus. It has one product registered in Belarus.

PASCOE is one of the leading manufacturers of homeopathic products in Germany. It has its products registered in various countries of the world to include Europe, South America, and other countries.

For more information in Russian, please switch to the Russian version of the site.

For more information in English, please check the manufacturer's site at www.pascoe.de.

The company's activities PASCOE is closely linked to human health problems for 90 years. During this time, a huge number of practitioners and patients have trusted us and have made their choice in favor of PASCOE drugs. The unique quality philosophy, continuous upgrading of procedures, a large number of scientific and clinical studies of drugs conducted in conjunction with recognized universities are guarantees PASCOE business success.


Phytotherapy means "Bazentabs pH-balance sheet" produced PASCOE

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