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Scientific and practical activities in homeopathy

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15-17 June 2016 The IXth International Congress of Oncologists and Radiologists, Minsk 

22-25 March 2016 The 23th Pharmaceutical Exhibition "Health of Belarus"

12-14.11.2015 6th International Symposium "Mistletoe Therapy in the Treatment of Cancer," Nonnvayler, Germany

28-30.09.2015 Seminar "Low Dose Medicine" by GUNA, Milan, Italy

3-6.04.2015 The 11th International Conference "Homeopathy, Spagyric Medicine, MIstletoe Therapy"

5-7.02.2014 The 10th International Conference "Novelties in Alternative Medicine"

1-3.03.2013 Seminar "Pain Therapy" by GUNA, Milan, Italy

06.03.2008 Seminar-presentation "Biological Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine"

15.10.2008 9th International Conference "Application of Antihomotoxic Drugs by Heel in Modern Medicine"

03.12.2005 5th International Conference "Modern Clinical Homeopathy"

06.05.2004. 4th International Conference "The Use of Homeopathic Gedicines in Gynecology"

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