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Main objectives and goals of anthroposophic medicine in Belarus

Main Goals and Activities

Welcome to our International Society of Anthroposophical Medicine and Homotoxicology (ISHAM)!

International Society of Homotoxicology and Anthroposophical Medicine (ISHAM) in Belarus was founded in 2004 by a group of Belarusian doctors who support the principles of homotoxicology and scholastic medicine. Our members are Belarusian doctors-specialists who work in various areas of medicine and take active interest in new trends in medicine. We promote and popularize ideas of Anthroposophical medicine and homotoxicology, conduct international scientific events, train doctors, and perform other social activities.

Main goals

  1. Facilitate knowledge and skills of doctors and patients in the area of Anthroposophical medicine and homotoxicology;
  2. Conduct scientific and charitable activities directed at prevention and protection of health of Belarusian people.

Main activities

  1. Assist doctors, medical centers, and medical-prevention organizations of the Ministry for Health of Belarus in the area of prevention and protection of people’s health and improvement of their moral-psychological state;
  2. Promote a healthy life style;
  3. Promote and implement the ideas of charity and humanity;
  4. Facilitate scientific exchange between members of ISHAM and foreign specialists in the field of Anthroposophical medicine and homotoxicology;
  5. Establish and develop professional contacts with organization, individual citizens-specialists in the field of Anthroposophical medicine and homotoxicology;

Involve as appropriate politicians, representatives of culture, science, religion, and all social groups in prevention and treatment of diseases

Board of Directors

Chairman Victor V. Nikolaev, MD, General Director of the Homeopathic Company BELNICO, Member of the International Society for Homeopathy and Homotoxicology (Internationalle Gesellschaft fuer Homoeopathie und Homotoxikologie e.V. IGHH), Germany, Member of the International Society for Biological Medicine (Internationalle Gesellschaft fuer Biologische Medizin e.V. IGBM), Germany.

Vice Chairman – Alexander S. Naumovich, MD, doctor-pediatrician.

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