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Participation of Oncologists in theInternational Symposium on Therapy

Participation of Oncologists in theInternational Symposium on Therapy

The group of oncologists from Belarus and Lithuania participated in the work of the 6th International Symposium on Mistletoe Therapy, scientific research and practical use of homeopathic products based on while mistletoe in treatment of tumor processes on November 12-14, Nonnweiler, Germany.

The experience on the use of the products in question in oncology in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries counts more than 90 years. Therefore and as a result of the proven clinical efficacy of mistletoe products, these products have been widely used. At present, 60% of oncological patients in Germany receive mistletoe therapy together with traditional oncological protocols. In scientific works conducted in the best oncological clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Holland, South Korea and other countries, it is proven that the combined use of for example chemotherapy and mistletoe therapy increase a lifespan of oncological patients on average from 2 to 5 years with the significant reduction of side effects of the chemotherapy.

Participation of Oncologists in the 6th International Symposium on Mistletoe Therapy

At the moment, 23,000 oncological patients are treated with mistletoe injections daily. All this contributes to the increased active period of life of the oncological patients which gives a tremendous effect not only in the life of one person but for the country as well. The mistletoe products are cheaper than chemotherapy products, they are closer to Nature and have a complex impact on the body of the oncological patient as a whole, thus they do not have competitors among artificial chemotherapy products.    

The details on the Symposium as well as the scientific articles can be found under Abnoba/For Doctors on the website. 

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