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Annual Homeopathic Conference in Kaunas

Annual Homeopathic Conference in Kaunas

The Medical Company BELNICO took part in the Annual Homeopathic Conference which was held in the Europa Roayale Kaunas Hotel in Kaunas, Lithuania on January 30, 2016. There were about one hundred Lithuanian doctors from entire Lithuania in attendance. The conference pictured several presentations on modern homeopathy and phyto-therapy. Belarus was represented by the Chairman of the International Society on Homotoxicology and Anthroposophical Medicine. 

Homeopath Victor V. Nikolaev in Minsk

 Dr. Victor Nikolaev who besides the presentation led a master-class on modern spagyric science in general and spagyric products by the Italian company ERBENOBILI in particular. Spagyrics play a special role in modern homeopathy and phyto-therapy due to their peculiarities and unique manufacturing technologies. Both the presentation and the master-class stirred a lot of interest by the Lithuanian doctors who have a possibility to use spagyric products in the clinical practice and hereby expand modern ways of treatment.

Spagyric science is growing rapidly in Europe and other countries of the world and is widely used by the leading specialists who are interested in alternative methods of treatment. For more information, please click here:  http://belnico.by/produkcziya/erbinobili.

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