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Spagyrics ERBENOBILI are now available in Russia!

Spagyrics ERBENOBILI are now available in Russia!

Great news! Effective November, 2016 spagyrics of the Italian manufacturer ERBENOBILI are available on the Russian market in drug stores of the Therapeutic Society TERAPEUTICUM http://terapeuticum.ru/. The Society is based in St. Petersburgh, Russia and can deliver spagyrics to any other corner of Russia. Experienced doctors will be able to consult you and offer spagyrics for wide use. Stay healthy! 

The Main Advantages of the Italian Spagyrics ERBENOBILI

The Italian company ERBENOBILI is a recognized leader of the production of natural herbal remedies Spagyrics. Located in the south of Italy, the Erbenobili Company uses unique technologies and innovative development. Spagyrics are actively expanding and are already available in many countries. It is great news that spagyrics ERBENOBILI have been on the Belarusian market for a few years and now they are available in Russia! 

Thanks to the most advanced technology and steady respect for nature, spagyrics have a number of undisputable advantages:

  • spagyrics are manufactured in strict compliance with the Legislative Decree of the Italian Ministry of Health;
  • carefully selected raw materials for spagyrics are tested in the laboratory of the company of 800 square meters which is equipped with the most modern equipment;
  • only spagyric red wine is used to manufacture spagyrics that contains antioxidants 10 times higher than in standard wine (that has solvents (e.g., alcohol), etc.);
  •  ancient traditions are used in the development of spagyrics that allow physiological functions of the human body to maintain an excellent shape.

It should be added that the plants are exposed to unusual process of maceration in a specially created space pyramid. Inside the building light, temperature and humidity are maintained for successful extraction of spagyrics. As a result, nutrients and natural ingredients are not destroyed which frequently happens in the pharmaceutical industries.

 ERBENOBILI in Belarus

BELNICO Medical company has been working more than a quarter of a century as a medical contract research company that supports homeopathy and natural medicine and recommends the use of natural compounds. They not only have a high efficiency but also ensure that there are no allergic reactions.

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