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The drug against venous insufficiency Guna Omeoformula 5

The drug against venous insufficiency Guna Omeoformula 5

For detailed information on Guna Omeoformula 5 in English, please check the manufacturer's site at www.gunainternational.com.


Included in the arnica, horse chestnut, witch hazel, common goldenrod, nettle to improve the tone of blood vessels to stabilize their permeability, promoting venous return.

TABACUM helps to improve blood circulation.

Collagen strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Goldenrod used to help reduce swelling.

Active ingredients:Aesculus 4X, Bee 8X, Arnica 4X, Collagen 6X, Crotalus 8X, Crotalus 12X, Hamamelis 4X, Hypericum 6X, Lachesis 8X, Myosotis 4X, Goldenrod 8X, Tabacum 8X, Urtica 8X, Vienna 8X, Vienna 12X, Vipera 6X

Gomeoformula 5

It does not cause side effects. hypoallergenic.

Volume: 2ml

Production: Italy

It includes a variety of components, whose actions are directed specifically against venous insufficiency and blood vessel problems.

  • Venous insufficiency
  • Improving vascular tone
  • Removing leg edema
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