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Homeopathic remedies Guna Omeoformula 4

Homeopathic remedies Guna Omeoformula 4

For detailed information on Guna Omeoformula 4 in English, please check the manufacturer's site at www.gunainternational.com.

Gomeoformula 4

The mechanism of action of the drug is based restoration of normal physiological processes and regeneration of tissue structures. After administration of the drug stimulates the metabolism, activates the production of collagen, elastin, increases tissue tone, enhanced trophic activity, has a draining effect, strengthens the tone of the vessel walls.

Applied homeopathic remedies help to use the resources of the patient, that is carried out is not "substitution" and regulating therapy. The main objective is to change the character of reactivity, the change in direction of the pathological process in the recovery side, reparations, compensation of damages. Application of drainage of homeopathic medications in combination with specific organopreparations allow solve many problems existing patients.

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