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Guna Omeoformula 3 - prevention of tissue tone

Guna Omeoformula 3 - prevention of tissue tone

The complex has a pronounced lifting and toning effect. Component 21 contains the low dilution. This complex also has a stimulating effect on metabolism. The drug activates the formation of new collagen, proteoglycans and other structures of the fibrous skeleton of the skin.

Gomeoformula 3

Anti-aging effect of the complex is based on the activation energy production in cells to seal the cells and matrix stimulation of the formation of fibroblasts (fibroblast growth factor). It contains a complex of essential amino acids for the synthesis of endogenous proteins. It has a draining effect, it strengthens the tone of the walls of capillaries and veins. It stimulates the excretion of fluids and toxins from the tissues. The result of treatment is achieved quickly and is long and persistent.

Indications: Restoration and seal tissue.


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