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Appointment with homeopath, checklist for patients

 1. Cancel taking strong drugs, especially tranquilizers, sleeping pills, painkillers and hormonal agents for 48-72 hours if possible prior to a diagnostics test by R. Voll method. Exceptions to this rule will be cases where the use of drugs can not be canceled within a specified time for critical health reasons or diagnoses. For example, glucocorticoid dependency, mellitus diabetes, hypertension, etc.

2. Do not smoke and do not engage in heavy physical activities on the day of the diagnostics test. It is important to get enough sleep, take a shower and a light breakfast.

3. If possible, abstain from the following products for 2-3 days: coffee, cocoa, chocolate, alcohol, citrus fruits, pork, spices, vinegar, mayonnaise.

4. Do not wear perfume, cosmetics on the day of the diagnostics test and one day prior to the test. During the diagnostics test remove all jewelry, eyeglasses, and a watch from the body.

5 . Try to avoid scheduling a diagnostics test during weather-dependent days.

7. Bring along your medical records if available.

 General Recommendations

  • During the course of homeopathic treatment make all efforts to follow a diet and exclude the following products from your diet: chocolate, coffee, cocoa, vinegar, alcohol, citrus fruits, pork, soft drinks.
  • Remember that the effect from homeopathic drugs is most beneficial when administered on an empty stomach.
  • The term of treatment is selected individually and the tested drugs are strictly individual.

 Possibilities of R. Foll Method

The key basic point in the electro-diagnostics method by R. Voll is the knowledge and understanding of the causal-functional relationships.

What is Possible?

  • Conduct early diagnostics of various malfunctions at the pre-clinical stage of the disease when the symptoms are not expressed or absent
  • Reveal hidden or latent focus of infection where traditional methods of research cannot do and determine their impact on the human immune reaction
  • Discover uncertain, clinically difficult cases
  • Determine the etiologic factors of a specific disease by testing a variety of bacterial, viral and other infectious agents due to the phenomenon of "testing medications" invented by Dr. R. Voll in 1954
  • Conduct thematic diagnostics of all organs and systems of the body
  • Conduct differential and synthetic diagnostics
  • Make an individual selection of homeopathic, isopathic, and allopathic products without their penetration into the body, that is remotely
  • Test food products, cosmetics, dental, orthopedic and other materials (suitability test)
  • Allow for detecting adverse effects on the human body by a variety of pathogens, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, radionuclides, and other agent which cannot be currently tested by clinical or laboratory research methods
  • Monitor the efficiency of any treatment by assessing its adequacy and application
  • Conduct bio-resonance therapy sessions. Bio-resonance therapy resists the various violations of the functions of the body, activates its defensive functions, stimulates the healing processes. Bio-resonance therapy only uses the patient's own body frequencies that are converted to invert the pathological fluctuations and come back to the patient.


Treatment by homeopathic products is initiating many organs and systems of the body. Reinforcing of the vital functions of the body can be perceived by a patient as exacerbation of the disease. When exacerbation symptoms are observed, stop taking the prescribed drugs for some time (1-2 days) and contact the doctor.

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