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Electroacupuncture, homeopathy, homotoxicology

Electroacupuncture, homeopathy, homotoxicology

The main achievement of the homeoopathic company BELNICO in the field of private health is the use of the recognized around the world, highly efficient, alternative methods of treatment of patients since 1990. Belnico is the first company in Belarus to provide medical services in the field of electro-acupuncture, homeopathy and homotoxicology. The company's homeopath, Victor V. Nikolaev, has many years of practical experience in the field of hoomeopathy, mistletoe therapy and spagyrics. Also, he is the Head of the International Society of Homotoxicology and Anthroposophic Medicine in Belarus.

Homeopathic Practice

During its work, BELNICO conributed significanly to making R. Voll diagnostics available to thousands of patients, gained extensive practical experience, obtained significant positive clinical results. BELNICO trained several hundreds of doctors. There are short videos, films about BELNICO on TV, there are many publications in periodicals.

For more information about your homeopath as well as checklist for a medical appointment with homeopath can be found in the respective sections of our website «Your Homeopath, Appointments» and «Memo for the Patient».

Homeopathic Company BELNICO

At the heart of the homeopathic practice is the electroacupuncture diagnosis and treatment with complex homeopathic drugs by the method of Dr. R. Voll and extensive experience of the homeopath Victor NIkolaev, MD. In the first place it includes diseases of internal organs, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, allergic conditions, and other. The method is based on the principles of homeopathy, antihomotoxic therapy and bio-resonance. 

For more information about the method of electro-diagnostics by R. Voll can be found on our website in the «Naturopathic Medicine», «method of Dr. R. Voll».

Unique Characteristica of Electro-Acupuncture Diagnostics

The method of electro-acupuncture diagnostics by German doctor Reinhold Voll exists since 1953. In 1966 the contributions of Dr. R. Voll, who presented this method to physicians and patients around the world have been marked by the Pope Paul VI by awarding a gold medal. However, despite the international fame of this wonderful method, this method has been implemented in wide medical practice in the former Soviet Union only in 1989.

Electro-acupuncture diagnostics by R. Voll (EAV hereunder) is a diagnostic procedure and treatment based on biophysical laws that allow obtaining objective information on the dynamic state of health of the patient and determining the impact on its body of various medical factors (the phenomenon of "drug testing").

The unique method of electro-acupuncture diagnostics by R. Voll is the ability to "look" in the invisible phase of the disease, which is not available to current clinical methods. For example, holding a "drug test" (testing the patient's special tests) allows up to 95-100% of the disease to determine the type of pathogen, occupational hazard, adverse environmental factors, etc., using the principle of bio-resonance.

For more information about naturopathic medicine can be found in our website «Natural Medicine» - «Method of Dr. Reinhold Voll».

The Principles of Homeopathy

The main principle of the founder of the homeopathic method of treatment Hahnemann is "Similia similibus curantur" translated as «like cures like». The results of the diagnostics for each patient become a curative factor used with a special technology for the preparation of individual drugs. Thus, the chain: "DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT" closes. 

For more information about natural medicine or homeopathy can be found in our website «Natural Medicine».


For more information about natural medicine can be found in our website «Natural Medicine».

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