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Diagnostics of the body with Voll Method

It's no secret that the human body is subject to diseases. Most often, their appearance starts with imperceptible to human symptoms of hidden disorders in the body or the so-called "failures". These failures can be accumulated, stored for a long period and after some time appear. Of great importance per Reinhold Voll is the accumulation of toxins in the body, in the mesenchyme, where they accumulate. He did say that everyone has a bucket of mesenchymal waste in the body. Yes, this is the bucket that receives all the accumulated toxins, inflammatory products, dead tissue, etc. throughout our lives.

Why is this of interest to R. Voll? The ability of the method of diagnostics by Voll or EAV method to measure the electrical conductivity of acupuncture points allowed him for the first time to establish the relationship between the state of the body and the accumulation of toxins. Reasonably believing that the condition of acupuncture points of the autonomic nervous system is directly related to the state of organs and body systems, R. Voll created a harmonious system of human health assessment and improvement.

It is known that long before the active phase of the disease in the period of occurrence of "failure" in the body, the electrical conductivity of acupuncture points varies, changing the temperature of the acupuncture point, the cell composition of tissues, biochemical reactions. Thus, the human body gives signals and reports failures. Who has the opportunity to hear these signals? It is because of these changes, today it is possible by measuring the electric resistance to identify many disorders in the body, choose adequate therapy and monitor directly the progress of healing the body.

Bioresonance Diagnostics or the Essence of Voll Method

This part of the medicine due to its innovative and holistic approach is called Voll Method. Reinhold Voll himself for his services was awarded by the Gold Medal of the Vatican by Pope Paul VI in 1966. Reinhold Voll died in 1989 in Germany. Before his death he gave his business practices and his student Heinrich Rossmann, who in his turn trained Viktor Nikolaev, MD. Since then the EAV method has been in Minsk since 1990 and up till now.

With the help of Voll method we have the opportunity to:

  1. reliably detect all sorts of diseases (endocrine, neurological, oncological, respiratory and other) at the stage of complete lack of symptoms and external symptoms;
  2. carry out the selection of homeopathic remedies, to evaluate the effectiveness of their use;
  3. identify pockets of infection, without symptoms, but can help reduce the body's immune system;
  4. diagnose pathogens;
  5. ascertain the human predisposition to cancer, the presence of benign or malignant tumors;
  6. determine the level of the body's immune system and its ability to resist;
  7. provide a comprehensive assessment of health status.
  8. accompany the necessary health improvement course for the purpose of its adequacy.

Diagnostics by Voll or EAV method is a safe and effective diagnostic method that includes both the doctrine of acupuncture points and the achievements of modern science.

EAV Voll Device in Minsk

In today's world, Voll method is a computer device with an electronic interface which recorded figures and diagnosis. Diagnostics by Voll method is painless and not disturbing to the skin. Voll Device is a set of computer technology which allows the body to diagnose and test Voll medicines for precise selection of appropriate drugs. Usually, the patient is taking in hand the contact sleeve, whereas the homeopath is using "dipstick" tests on the relevant acupuncture points on the human body. Most often EAV diagnostics is performed on patient's hands and/or feet but also possible on other parts of the body.

As a result of the diagnosis by Voll, for the treatment of diseases detected applied therapy by exposure to electromagnetic radiation and selected homeopathic remedies.

Side Effects of Voll Method

  • Side effects of the use and impact of Voll device are not known but generally it is not recommended to:
  • pregnant women;
  • people with mental disorders;
  • in case of an implanted cardio-stimulator;
  • intolerance to electric current.

Voll Method in Minsk

At this point in time Voll method has been perfected, its use is safe and effective. In Minsk, EAV diagnosis is widely used by people interested in their health and body condition. Voll instrument in the hands of a professional truely works wonders and many patients are committed to the method. Homeoopathic Company BELNICO is the leading homeopathic company that offers diagnostic service by the method of Voll in Minsk .

Voll method and classical bioresonance therapy is approved by official medicine. To make an appointment please call + 486 17 283 17 38 or via the contact form on the main page of our website.

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