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Information about homeopathy for patients

The world has recently seen a rapid growth of interest in the so-called alternative medicine. This growth is also observed in those countries where there is traditionally a well-developed national health system, such as England, Canada, Italy, etc. Why is this happening? As a rule, the national health system has had on different conditions (free of charge, or through a health insurance), mainly medical services requiring urgent intervention, such as: trauma, acute inflammation, surgery, which involved a physician or a  therapist, surgeon, oncologist etc. It is very important for the life of any person in any country, but not the very purpose of his life.

The goal of any modern man is a long and healthy life. It is clear that some urgent interventions here will not help. We need a package of measures, known as recuperation, rehabilitation, adaptation and age etc. This is a fairly expensive part of medicine and, therefore, almost always, in many countries, fully lie on the shoulders of the patient.

After urgent medical intervention there should follow reabilitation activities to improve the health and well-being of a patient. For it is difficult to talk about keeping a healthy lifestyle in the intensive care. So, here come the rehabilitation activities offered by a homeopath using natural products.

Alternative Medicine in the 21st Century

Here we come to the most important. What is alternative medicine and why it is necessary? When is the best time for it? In short, an acute illness is a set of measures to rescue the patient, it is urgent, sometimes unpopular treatment. As a result of which our patient is back to life but it is difficult to call him/her healthy after revival. But what about for exapmle angina? You have just been ill with angina and were pleased that thanks to intensive antibiotic therapy the temperature was normalized, the general condition improved. In general, you are healthy. At least you feel ok. But if are you healthy really? Do you still feel constant weakness, unpleasant feelings in the heart, joints? But the general treatment is over and it is time to come back to work. And very often people go to work, start their usual rhythm of life, quickly getting used to new sensations. Should you still visit a doctor? 

Now that it is time for the proper treatment. This treatment begins with the release of the body of a crisis situation. Yes, from the moment when the majority feel it is necessary to stay healthy and continuously support the body.

For these purposes, alternative medicine is a perfect option: its soft, natural medicine, homeopathic treatment, spagyrics, physical therapy, spa treatment, bioresonance therapy, etc. 


During the 25+ years we have been working in the field of alternative medicine, we have been using homeopathic medicines, spagyrics, mistletoe therapy, electro-accupuncture diagnostics by method of Reinhold Voll, bioresonance therapy method by Franz Morrel (MORA therapy), reflexology and many other methods of naturopathic medicine. In our treatment the homeopath recommends using Spagyrics of the Italian Company ERBENOBILI . Spagyrics which are brand new products for us possess characteristica of phyto products and homeopathic products and use the plant entirely for their preparation. The preparation process takes 40 days, and it all happens under certain music which all of this results in very unusual products with amazing properties. 

Oncology and Mistletoe Therapy

Homeopathic products that we have registered in Belarus including also oncological patients who have different types of cancer. Many well-known oncologists use in their practice these products. Oncologists, for example in Germany, use mistletoe products ( ABNOBAVISCUM FRAXINI ) for 73% of cancer patients. The same figures apply to the use of mistletoe therapy in cancer for patients in Austria and Switzerland. It is known that the combined use of mistletoe products with standard courses of chemo and radiation therapy significantly improve treatment results for cancer patients. More information can be found on our website: www.belnico.by in ABNOBA section


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