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Diagnosis and treatment of Dr. Reinhold Voll in Belarus

Reinhold Voll (1909-1989) was born in Berlin. Under the influence of life circumstances in 1930, it changes the profession of architect on health. Since 1935 intern at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Hamburg. 1938-1943 work in preventive medicine. Since 1943 po1958 years - extensive private practice in Plochingen. Since 1953, he conducts his research in the field of elektoakupunktury that apply in their practice since 1959..

According to the literature method of electro-diagnostics German doctor Reinhold Voll there since 1953. In 1954, R. Voll, together with researcher M. Glaser-Turk &laquo phenomenon was discovered, drug test ». For the first time it was established remote influence of drugs on the electrophysiological parameters of the human body. The history of the development of this wonderful method was a lot of bright medical researchers and talented engineers. Electro diagnosis and treatment (hereinafter EAV) received in Germany in the sixties of the last century, widespread enough.

Diagnosis and treatment of Voll Belarus

Today in Germany there is a very active International Society of Doctors EAV. Himself Reinhold Voll, has done a lot in promoting this wonderful method. The merits of his were rated highly enough. In 1966, Pope Paul VI of, Dr. R. Voll in Kastelgondolfo, was awarded the gold medal of the « Merit for the suffering humanity ». In 1974 – Hufeland awarded a gold medal with the dedication: « Mr. Voll electroacupuncture developed, scientifically grounded her and introduced into medicine as a new high-grade treatment. In addition, his own numerous works on physical methods of treatment indicated new avenues in the study of natural healing factors ». However, despite the international fame of this wonderful method, in the former Soviet Union, until 1989 public about him almost nothing was known. Only after the appropriate decision in 1989, the Commission of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on a new medical technology, it was decided to implement this method in wide medical practice.

EAV - a diagnostic and treatment method based on biophysical laws, allowing to obtain an objective dynamic information about the state of health of the patient and determine the impact on its body of various medical factors (the phenomenon of "drug testing")

Given the very high sensitivity of the method, the data of electro-diagnostics should not be compared with the clinical data and analysis of academic medicine, since the latter, most often determined at the level of organ failure ( "cutaneous signs" on the body, the various manifestations of inflammation - swelling, swelling, redness pain, ulcers, changes in blood, and the like). But all the organ manifestations of the disease is preceded by a variety of regulatory violations, which often do not manifest themselves. These regulatory violations and determined during the EAV.

It is understood that organ disorders (symptoms of the disease as we know it) does not emerge by themselves and even more so they do not appear immediately. Various types of regulatory dysfunction of organs and systems, diagnosed EAV, recognized clinical medicine as a functional disorder, which is usually of importance. For example, in response to the complaints of the patient on a frequent sore throats, lungs "volatile" and transient joint pain, discomfort in the heart, which are often considered by doctors as functional impairment, the patient of such a doctor often hears that "it's nothing serious, it will pass" or "your child will outgrow it" …


The method consists in measuring the conductivity in the classical acupuncture points including the points in the new open R. Voll. Total practical uses about 200 acupuncture points, to construct a profile of electrical measurements at the points of electroacupuncture and to "drug test", ie patient testing special tests, allowing up to 95-100% of the disease to determine the type of pathogen, occupational hazard, adverse environmental factors, etc. It uses the principle of bio-resonance.

In this way the principle of resonance correction of autonomic disorders. By purposeful introduction into the measuring chain "patient-DEVICE" tests with different resonance characteristics (eg, tests for autoimmune process- rheumatism), the doctor will determine the presence of autonomic regulatory disorders in preclinical stages of the disease. In all such resonance test enough. Abroad release gomeopatizirovannyh tests (including virtually all the most common pathogens, pathogenic mikroogrganizmy used for both diagnostic process and treatment) are engaged in a specialty pharmaceutical company. Thus, the physician conducting the electro-puncture diagnostics by R. Voll method, has a unique opportunity to "take a look" at those phases of the disease, which often remain « unnoticed » clinician doctor.

Voll Treatment Belarus

Using the principle of homeopathy, ie treating "like with like", the results of a diagnosis for each patient are curative factor, used with a special technology for the preparation of individual medicines. This technique was proposed by German specialists about 40 years ago, and it is this: in the media, as is often used distilled water, physiological saline solution, 45% alcohol, natural beeswax, solutions of various vitamins, etc., special. the methodology applied information about "painful beginning" that in the homeopathic understanding of the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for the patient.

In recent years, in the pharmacy network while an increasing number of high-quality homeopathic medicines, including complex. This allows you to make more use of homeopathic medicines in everyday clinical practice. Thus, using the main principle of the founder of the homeopathic method of treatment FS Hahnemann "Similia similibus curantur" (like heals like).A chain: “ DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT ” is closed.

Do you feel well, you get sick?

Do you feel well, you get sick? You experience a strange feeling of constant fatigue and malaise? There was irritability and depression? Gradually fading interest in life. In my head there are questions – it's age, menopause, and may be «Chronic Fatigue Syndrome»?

You constantly visit doctors regularly absorb a lot of medicines, and the result is not all?

Each of us often have to deal with similar issues and as far as possible to respond to them.

Everything flows, everything changes, diagnosis by Voll.

In recent years, the character of the disease has changed. In memory of our grandparents were hard days and nights when their wards, suffering from the exhausting heat, expected recovery. Then the sick « of the », with clear clinical symptoms throughout the mass. Painfully the illness, forced to strain all the body's defenses. It was difficult, long and unpleasant. However, in response, with the « favorable outcome », « grateful » The body produces strong immunity to a particular type of causative agent. But the disease is defeated, the immune response is formed and life goes on.

Mankind have long sought ways to improve the treatment of diseases. Light at the end of the tunnel appeared in the beginning of the 30-40 - ies of the last century, when they were discovered and first used penicillin, adrenocortical hormones and other potent and effective drugs. Started “ golden age ”


It was in the early 40's, to help spread infectious diseases come to powerful antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agents. It was and still is an amazing achievement pharmacology. The reception, even a single dose of a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, radically changed the situation. Our quick, but temporary improvement we made for real recovery.

Since then, the situation has changed. We have forgotten about all the horrors of suffering with our diseases, and our immune system « forgotten » about their direct duties. With the help of potent drugs, we got a rapid effect in the form of improved health. But it is ingested drugs caused serious violations in the immunological system, reducing the activity of the immune response to infection. Already more than one generation grew potent anti-inflammatory drugs. No words are often well-appointed antibiotics saved the man's life. However, bearing in mind the famous saying: « the best - the enemy of good », we began to use the drug without doctors, and that the worst - indiscriminately. For any trifles, with or without him. As a result, today the name of the person in breach of the system are much more common than ever before.

What is the diagnostic Voll in Minsk?

First, we stopped « the right to hurt », at least many of us have lost wholly or partially, the symptoms of the disease that the human body has developed over the years of its evolutionary development. Often the disease is sluggish, and sometimes not noticeable.

Second, if you get sick and then get sick for a long time, sometimes swelling the ranks of « chronics ». This state can last long enough, suddenly showing himself how - or whether an « surprise »

Third: above-mentioned reasons, many people simply do not feel any symptoms of impending disaster and under no circumstances are not going to go to the doctor for examination, trying to – the « to establish the lost health » by a plurality of symptomatic drugs.

But there is another aspect of the immune: many kinds of clinical trial do not allow us to find how much or whether a significant deviation from the norm in the study. Immunosuppression causes distorted that many clinical symptoms and signs of the disease are not detected. Man, being, in fact, patients with a diagnosis of walks « healthy ». However, as they say, “ from time – before time ”

In these situations, the patient is often diagnosed « functional disorders », and subjectively, potential patient feels all the charm syndrome « chronic fatigue ».

Is there a way out? Of course have. It exists more than 50 years, a method of electro-diagnostics and treatment in conjunction with the application of modern naturopathic medications.

Main types Voll therapy

For a long time all the treatments can be divided into three basic;

First - this suppression therapy, most commonly used today.

When and under what circumstances use this type of therapy? Yes, almost every day, each of us (recently often under the powerful influence of advertising), we “ suppress ” the slightest symptoms. We “ we bring down ” temperature, “ shoot ” Pain, “ reduce ” all manifestations of the disease, creating the illusion of well-being. It is our “ Ostrich ” the behavior in the first place, creates certain difficulties for doctors, because under the influence of uncontrolled supplementation change “ picture ” disease, and secondly, it is “ prevent ” body “ right ” hurt.

This is because the flow of the natural defensive reactions, decreases the activity of the immune response, the body can not fully realize their potential in the fight against disease. The result is a massive violation of bodily functions, which is regarded as a manifestation of chronic diseases, leading to its depletion. The patient required new and more powerful drugs. The number of drugs increases significantly, while the state of health has long been forgotten.

The second method of therapy is a replacement therapy, ie, the body to maintain its vital functions already introduced the necessary substances.

These include insulin, enzymes, various medications to maintain the heart, kidneys, etc. The patient is totally dependent on drugs, and even a slight delay in receiving them can lead to very undesirable outcome. Modern pharmacology creates true wonders, creating powerful drugs available to maintain life, where even 10-20 years ago, it was impossible to dream. But to such funds, as well as the art of the surgeon is necessary to resort to extreme cases.

The third type of therapy is a therapy to stimulate the body's natural reactions. It is with this approach in the treatment are not infringed complex survival mechanisms which have developed over millions of years in the course of human evolution. But, by the way, stimulation therapy (or initiate) is not limited to receiving any kind of bio-stimulants (drinks containing large amounts of caffeine, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, and so on, including home-made).

This therapy, even when using only herbal infusions, or, for example, abuse of coffee, without consulting a doctor, can also lead to the opposite effect. Receive our usual biostimulus really gives immediate effect, it feels better, but at what cost? The man quickly becomes dependent on the drug, in addition, it often happens that under the picture of well-being is hiding a dangerous disease, the symptoms are not treated, and is masked in the use of all kinds of bio-stimulants. In contrast, in Homotoxicology, for targeted stimulation of the body's vital functions are used, after dilution reaching numbers in the hundreds of millions of times, all the surrounding nature (plants, animals, metals, minerals, waste products of microorganisms, environmental factors and TD).

Try to tickle yourself quill pen – reaction followed immediately. Micro-doses of homeopathic medicines prepared according to the laws of classical homeopathy, using GMP technology, can work wonders. Their main advantage is embodied in the ancient principle of Medicine – do no harm! Man grew up in this world and with the help of it can find harmony and Health.

Electro-diagnostics and homeopathy. Something about the method of Reinhold Voll

German doctor Reinhold Voll method exists since 1953. In 1966, Pope Paul VI of, the merits of Dr. R. Voll, who gave this method doctors all over the world were awarded the award of a gold medal. However, despite the international fame of this wonderful method, in the former Soviet Union until 1989 public about him almost nothing was known. Only after the appropriate decision in 1989 by the Commission of the USSR Council of Ministers on a new medical technology, it was decided to implement this method in wide medical practice.

Electro-diagnostics by R. Voll (hereinafter EAF) - a diagnostic and treatment method based on biophysical laws, allowing to obtain objective information on the dynamic state of health of the patient and determining the effect on his body of various medical factors (the phenomenon of "drug testing").

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