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Recovery cocktail of autologous blood

The special composition of metabolic disorders.

After publication "Kompass", 3_2008. IGHH. International Society of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology .

Right, intact metabolism & ndash; This, without doubt, the main guarantee of health and wellness. Metabolism and exposed to catabolic and anabolic processes, is thus bipolar. Both poles cause and control each other. For the metabolism, which is optimal and timely adapt to all external stimuli, you must have in the cytosol and the nucleus of the cell, in accordance with rule 3 components by Professor Sholeh, both in sufficient concentration cortisol, T3 / T4 (acting catabolic) and growth hormone (growth hormone, anabolic). Hormones thus directly regulate metabolism. Metabolism also negative and positive charge carriers associated with the acid-alkaline balance. Both constitute a unity and can not be considered separately. Prolonged neglect of natural rhythms and, as a consequence, hormonal imbalance adversely affect human health.

The impact on metabolism

The erroneous mental behavior of its roots goes to the genetically inherent in each individual a sense of 4 (on Luscher: trust / inner calm, seriousness / self-esteem, energy / self-confidence, cheerfulness / inner freedom). Neglect of these feelings leads to the material level to a lack of controls (eg. Hormones, minerals) and metabolic disorders. In addition, the metabolism is largely influenced by different time cycles (change of day, seasons, phases of the moon, etc.).

Treatment of metabolic disorders

In addition to the main history and additional examinations are required biophysical and laboratory tests to be included in the treatment of all the necessary aspects. On the one hand, the physician should identify the underlying erroneous actions of the other, together with the patient to determine the power correction metabolism.

Special treatment of autologous blood

As an accompanying treatment of fine-proven therapy is autologous blood, which is necessary to activate the metabolic regulation of the endocrine glands (pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands) or extracellular enzymes system:

  • In 5-ml syringe recruited 1 ml Thalamus compositum H (contains Glandula suprarenalis suis) Glandula tireoideya suis-Injeel, Coenzyme compositum Ampullen, Ubiquinone compositum Ampullen, Neuro-Injeel, if necessary, or symptomatic treatment and to introduce a third of the syringe into a vein .
  • Not removing the needle from the vein, dial into a syringe 0.5-1.5 ml of blood.
  • The resulting mixture is prepared in Microshaker Foamake ® and administered intramuscularly in exacerbations (1-2 times in 3-5 days) or chronic (5-10, 1-2 times a week )

In the preparation of autologous blood mixture is usually shaken. In this case, ampules are typed in 10-mL syringe that there is enough space for shaking / activate the mixture.

Microshaker Foamake ® for the preparation of a mixture of autologous blood can be ordered from the company & laquo; Meckel-Spenglersan & raquo;.

Dr Frank Sievers, Hamburg

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