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Homotoxicological principles of diagnosis and treatment

Translated Materials edition of the German Society of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology.

IGHH Kompass , with the permission of the president of the society. Dr. Klaus Kyustermana.

Drug of choice

Homotoxicological principles of diagnosis and treatment

Antihomotoxic therapy drugs produced in various pharmaceutical forms. In addition tablets are also drops and ointments, suppositories, eye drops and nose drops.

But the most important form in antihomotoxic medicine vials are.

Experience shows that the release liquid forms have the advantage compared to the tablets. Drops are often faster and stronger than comparable tablets. However, homeopathic remedies in the form of droplets contain alcohol and therefore can not be assigned to young children, in patients with liver disease and patients with alcoholism. Tabletkisoderzhat milk sugar, which many people can not tolerate. Very often intolerant of milk saharavyyavlyayut in Asian, African and African-American patients. The solution may be the same oral ingestion of the drug in ampoule form containing bases as physiological saline. Prepared by the method of potentiation, they practically do not contain alcohol.

History and repertorization

antihomotoxic drug therapy is chosen according to the criteria adopted in the same classical homeopathy. History and repertorization held in monopreparatnoy homeopathy. Selection of an appropriate medicament is also carried out using the so-called &Laquo; medicines paintings &raquo ;, included in homeopathic spravochnikMateriaMedica (Materia Medica). More cases homotoxicology picks remedy for a proven accuracy of the indications described in this work.

Homotoxicology – this regulatory medicine. At first assessed the physical condition of the patient, his current symptoms are placed at the top of the treatment plan. Mental idushevnye causes of the disease are taken into account as well, and, if necessary, treated.

Scheduling homotoxicology therapy

The first step of treatment is homotoxicological cleansing and dezintoksikatsionnayaterapiya. Therapeutic measures applied in the early stages of treatment, are as strengthening weakened sistemorganov or tissues and the immune stimulation and modulation, and treatment of mental health problems. The therapy is carried out at the constitutional level, if necessary, at a later stage.

At the same time, there are a few additions that are important for the homotoxicology. First of all, it is the consideration of the causes and monitor the development of the disease and its manifestations in various organs and tissues. These phenomena were observed even vicariation Hahnemann Reckeweg order them in its table of six phases, which allowed to identify patterns and carefully plan treatment.

The first manifestations of the disease and the surrounding circumstances are no less important for the homotoxicology than on previous treatment data. In particular, after repeated use of drug therapy, symptoms and blocking the immune system, can often observe the development of chronic diseases with disturbances or blockades regulation. Consequently, the choice of the drug should be guided not only the main symptoms, but also to take into account aspects such as cleansing, detoxification, strengthening the organs and immune regulation. Therefore, a single product is often not enough.

The main objectives of homotoxicology are ordinary acute diseases and disease prevention. But homotoxicological products successfully applied in chronic diseases, they are often combined with other methods of biological medicine.

Bioenergy diagnostic methods

To assist in the selection of a drug with great success used bioenergetic testing methods. Often after the anamnesis is necessary to make a choice between two or more drugs. In addition, these methods help find the best treatment for doubts about the cause of the disease or symptoms of importance.


The easiest method that does not require large investments, and easy to learn – it kinesiology. By examining the resistance of muscles can not determine the disease and choose the appropriate medication. After the briefing, you can venture into the first practical steps, as the German saying goes, practice makes perfect. A variety of training programs and courses on various methods of kinesiology is almost unlimited, and reflects the growing interest of both professionals and non-experts. When testing drugs determine the ones that show the increase in the muscular system.


Electroacupuncture by Voll (EAV) is also a good method to determine the causes of the disease and the choice of drug. This method consists in measuring the resistance at the acupuncture points. Along with the classic Chinese acupuncture points and meridians described Voll and other meridians and measuring point. With this method it is possible to measure the energy situation and regulatory capacity of the meridians and correlated them with the body's systems. There are normal, inflammatory and degenerative regulation. EAV can in particular be used for the diagnosis of hearth and field interference. But the most important area of ​​application is the testing of medicines. The drug is placed in the measurement circuit can influence the outcome: if selected the optimal drug, it is possible to observe the full harmonization of the measured value measurement technique is quite simple: first measurement is carried out on all relevant measurement points on the hands and feet. Testing the drug begins at the point where the measurement result was the most distant from the norm. Appropriate drug is placed in a measuring circuit (e.g., a test cell) and means for searching for better remaining normalizing the measured value.

When using the EAV method is recommended to first test nosodes. Often the cause of the disease is found by testing nosodes. Nosodes chosen by history. If there is no confidence in the causal basis, it is recommended that a pragmatic method in which all tested suitable nosodes. Please check viral nosodes, then bacterial and finally nosodes of pathologically altered organs. When the best nosode is found, it is stored in the measuring system and the first determining means for detoxification of the patient, and then the means for the affected body systems. Finally, selected and included in the treatment plan additional drugs, such as biocatalysts and suis-organ preparations. Therefore antihomotoxic therapy after testing with the help of EAV is a combination therapy comprising nosodes, detoxification and organ preparations.


Although the dosage of the drug and is listed in the leaflet, it should be carefully selected, taking into account the individual situation of the patient and physician experience. It has been repeatedly proven in scientific studies that certain agents antihomotoxic medicine showed dependence of the efficiency of their application on the dosage. You can recommend the following standard dosages for drugs antihomotoxic medicine:

  • The effectiveness drops 10 corresponds to that of a single tablet, one ampoule is as effective 30 drops or 3 tablets
  • Integrated medicines used in homotoxicology, have with few exceptions the standard dosage of 10 drops or 1 tablet 3 times a day
  • In the acute stage of the disease often increase the dosage: take medicine every 15-30 minutes prior to onset of improvement, but not more than 3 hours
  • The ampoules are usually given 1-3 times a week, in acute diseases is recommended more frequent reception (up to several times a day)

Low potency

The choice of homeopathic potency and dosage depends on various factors. First, from the starting substance, which can be of plant, animal or mineral origin. The plants, which find use in herbal medicine and, in most cases used in Homotoxicology with a low degree of potentiation from mother tincture to D8. This dilution is used for the same indications as in herbal medicine. Sometimes referred to as « fitogomeopaticheskimi funds &raquo ;. So do when choosing a dosage and potency of the starting substances of mineral or animal origin. These non-toxic source of substances with low dilution are no so-called homeopathic reverse effect.

Homeopathic remedies with a low degree of dilution is used as a short course of acute diseases (Traumeel), and in the long term treatment of chronic diseases in the organ level (Kralonin). These products comply with the principle of stimulation, adopted in homotoxicology.

Medium and high potency

When dysregulation in homotoxicology increasingly using the average potency homeopathic remedies and whose original substance would be toxic without dilution, eg, hemlock spotted, part of the drug Vertigohel shown for dizziness. When regulation violations or therapeutic blockade is needed long-term therapy that must monitor an experienced therapist.

The funds on the basis of the source of toxic substances are used, and in acute diseases, such as aconite and belladonna with influenza illness or chilibuha and Arsenicum album (arsenic white) in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, here are selected such potency that by reverse effects of homeopathy principle turn poison into medicine. Thus, the average potency (from D8 to D23) correspond homotoxicological principle of regulation. Higher potency matched to information principle, to work on the spiritual and constitutional levels of the patient.

chord potentiation

A distinctive feature of homotoxicology are drugs with lump potentiation (Injeel and gommakordy). In one form of such products, the initial homeopathic substances are combined into low, medium and high dilution. Reckeweg wanted to unite in these preparations and the whole range of all the possibilities of homeopathic medicines. In contrast to classical homeopathy, vysokopotentsirovannye drugs are taken very rarely, but even when they are repeated daily administration in which they do not give side effects in the sense of a picture of a homeopathic drug for a long time. Consequently gommakordy often used as a means of quick relief from a wide range of actions, such as Nux vomica-gommakord.

In conclusion threads dosage following generalizations can be made: In most cases, you must adhere to the recommendations of the dosage indicated by the manufacturer in the package leaflet. Oral forms of release can not be immediately swallowed, they must hold for some time under the tongue (or mouth). Thus, their effect is amplified. This applies particularly to the treatment of diseases associated with the head, for example, sinusitis and dizziness.

Specific Treatments

Scientific studies have shown that homeopathic medicines is particularly strong and well act in cases where they are introduced near the affected organ or tissue disease. Therefore, in practice, use special techniques to optimize the efficiency homotoxicological drugs.

ointment dressings

Treatment homeopathic ointments has a long history. Their effectiveness can be enhanced by careful rubbing with a massage. Especially effectively acts occlusive dressing. After the application of a large amount of ointment is applied on top of land naporazhenny plastic film and fixed with a bandage. If the bandage is applied to the foot, then put on top of a woolen sock. Such a bandage is left up to 8 hours. Then the ointment is washed off to avoid skin damage. For small joints of the fingers, you can use a plastic or rubber glove fingertips, putting them on top of woolen gloves.

Another method of applying the ointment bandages is acupressure. A small amount of ointment (about the size of a lentil seed) vmassirovat need with little effort in the acupressure point. Especially effective acupressure acupuncture points in the ear.

Injection therapy

Most of sealed products can be administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously. Special injection technology to optimize therapy.


Classical autohaemotherapy consisting in selecting a small amount of the venous blood of the patient and immediately reverse its input via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, can be optimized by adding homotoxicological ampoule preparations. In viral infections proven flu-Khel, Engystol and Euphorbium kompozitum CH; bacterial can be mixed with the patient's blood drug Echinacea compositum.

A special method of antihomotoxic autohemotherapy is a step autohaemotherapy by Reckeweg. In this procedure, the patient's blood potentiate in several stages with a mixture of ampoule preparations. In today's practice, this technique is as follows:

The ampules to be used during treatment, put in the order in which they are administered. Volume syringes should be 5-10 ml more than the ampoules used at an appropriate stage of treatment. The first vial in a syringe. We are talking about the so-called symptomatic preparations: medicines that more than any other show in acute symptoms, such as Traumeel for inflammation. Then punctured a vein in a syringe about 2 ml of the patient's blood and soon the resulting mixture was injected intravenously. The syringe is left a small amount of the mixture (approx. 0.05-0.1 ml). Immediately after the syringe using the same contents of the second cannula gain ampoules. As a rule, it is a means for drainage and detoxification, often Limfomiozot. The syringe is filled with air, and the needle capped. After 10 times of strong shaking is obtained first homeopathic dilution of the patient's own blood.

The air and foam is removed and the mixture is administered to the patient by subcutaneous, intramuscular (in the buttocks or arm muscle). Again incomplete injection is performed, leaving a small amount in the syringe, which is immediately mixed with the contents of the third vial and with strong gomeopatiziruyut shakes. At the third stage of mainly use the so-called Organotropona drugs: Integrated tools that affect the diseased organ or tissue. After another subcutaneous injection can be in the same way to continue with the remaining steps. At the fourth stage, patients often receive immunostimulatory homeopathic medicine or a catalyst; at the last stage using nosodes.

Step autohaemotherapy successfully used both in exposure to infectious diseases and allergies. In autoimmune diseases, it should be used with caution and is not as initial therapy. This treatment activates and modulates the immune system. Usually, treatment is carried out 1-2 times a week, course of treatment is 5-10 weeks.


The injection ampoule of homeopathic medicines in specific acupuncture points is a proven method of accelerating the onset of action of drugs and their impact. The method was first described by Augustus Valle and later refined by Roger de la Fuye. Initially acupuncture needle before use in homeopathic tincture lowered over time began to use syringes for injections and homeopathic ampoule preparations. In recent years, instead of the homeopathic monotherapies are increasingly used homotoxicological complex tools. The most important places for the injection are the point of alarm, toning and sedatirovaniya point and, above all, the point of agreement of acupuncture meridians. First, to stimulate the dermal-visceral reflexes in these points do intradermal or subcutaneous injection, the needle is then slightly turn to get into the deeper acupuncture points. The injection volume depends on the size of dots and 0,2 – 1 ml per acupuncture point.

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