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Modern homeopathy and Sports

Almost five and a half million accidents per year are the reason for the appeal to the traumatologist or family doctor: with such frequency become German citizens « victims » injuries during exercise at home, outdoors or in the gym… More than half of these cases occur in the immediate vicinity of the patient's residence. 30% of accidents account for open wounds, 24% - injuries and joint injuries from sprained or torn ligaments. 18% are fractures, burns 6%. It is noteworthy that these relations are constantly changing: changing the height of ski boots, new sports, such as skates …

Appearance pain occurs as a result of a chain reaction in the tissues

Types of sports injuries are very different from each other, while the mechanism of pain is always the same. After an injury occurs the following:

5,5 of millions of sports-related injuries per year

  • Violation of the blood supply (ischemia)
  • The penetration of water into the adjacent connective tissues (edema)
  • The acidification of the affected region (acidosis)
  • The release of substances degrading protein (proteolytic enzymes)
  • The release of many biologically active substances
  • The release of white blood cells (leukocytes).

The effects of this complex process is easy to describe – pain and inflammation. This patient is assigned the following task: most importantly the immediate return of the functional activity of the affected region using the «scrap» means. These funds - typically anti-inflammatory – directed against pain. However, it should be remembered that, according to naturopaths, namely inflammation initiate the healing process and, therefore, is the focus of the therapy.

Knowledge of the mechanism of pain leads to an understanding of the principle according to which are appointed for injuries drugs. Many modern allopathic anti-inflammatory drugs have a number of side effects (eg, the gastrointestinal tract), and therefore can not be used for a long time. Are a good alternative in this case means modern homeopathy: the high efficiency of their use is not associated with the risk of side effects. One of the main drugs is Traumeel S, which has earned approving recommendations from well-known sports physicians (Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt, a sports doctor's football team «Bayern», Dr. Shadera, sports doctor Ski Team Germany Freestyle). In addition to this preparation in sports medicine uses a variety of means of modern homeopathy, which we will briefly present for those who want to organize themselves first aid kit «emergency» sports injuries and diseases. Associated with sports classes:

Traumeel S (ointment, tablets, drops, ampoules):

Sports injuries (bruises, sprains, etc.)

The purpose of the T (ointment, tablets, ampoules)

  • Osteoarthritis of the joints (arthrosis of the knee)
  • Limfomiazot (drops, tablets)
  • Swelling
  • Euphorbium compositum (nasal spray)
  • Viral rhinitis

Tip: When bruises, sprains and torn ligaments, you can use an ointment dressing. How to do it?

On the sore spot to put a layer (thickness 1-2 mm) ointment Traumeel S, top place compress over which bandage elastic bandage (net bandage can be used). Fold change every eight hours. If the hand is not ready compress, you can use a small piece of plastic film.

Dr. V.Kern

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