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Histaminase treatment in the modern world, the article

After publication "Kompass", 3_2008. IGHH. International Society of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology .
In case of allergic reactions, histamine plays an important role as a mediator. He is responsible for a large number of allergic symptoms. At high levels of blood histamine in allergic symptoms may occur, though not have the antibody response to antigens, both at «present» allergy. Similar reactions occur after eating foods high in histamine or if supplementation or drugs that promote the release of histamine.

It is easy to confuse: allergy or irritable bowel

The enzyme diamine oxidase carries out the destruction of histamine. If the functioning of the enzyme is broken, even the small amount of histamine can cause allergic symptoms. About 1% of the population exhibit a histamine intolerance. Furthermore, not only foods and medicines can improve blood histamine, but also the physical and mental load under certain conditions lead to an increased release of histamine. Symptoms can be easily confused with irritable bowel.

If a particular food intolerance, food supplements and / or medications (Table. 1, 2 and 3) it is a gistaminoze. Some medications help to release of histamine (eg. ASS, NSAR and muscle relaxants), others inhibit diaminokidazu (the DAO) (Table. 4).

Some drugs, histamine releasers are used in the treatment of bowel diseases. For example, in spastic pain not infrequently prescribed metamizole in the abdomen, nausea metoclopramide (drops paspertina) and irritation of the stomach diagnosed as psychotropic agents are often used amitriptyline. If in such cases the stomach is irritated and has been a violation of tolerance to histamine, the symptoms will only intensify.

Diagnosis of histamine intolerance

If you use «suspicious» food (Table. 1) having digestive problems or exacerbate symptoms due to consumption of these supplements and medicines, the breach of tolerance to histamine is likely. Diagnostic examination of blood and urine on the histamine content (during or immediately after the onset of acute allergic symptoms!) Makes sense. Furthermore, it is necessary to determine the blood DAO. If DAO level in the blood is low, it is worth exploring the blood (complete blood count!) To vitamin B6 and zinc. Lack of these vital nutrients leads to disruption of DAO enzyme function and requires mandatory treatment. Also magnesium determination of copper (Whole Blood!), The D vitamin (serum calcium supplementation supports) are reasonable diagnostic steps.

Inhibition of diamine oxidase

products with a high content of histamine leads to damage not only because of histamine, they are doubly negatively the organism, as DAO enzyme performing destruction of histamine can also lead to damage. Alcohol also has a double impact: on the one hand, it contains a large amount of histamine (for example, the old, well-preserved Chianti), on the other hand alcohol is broken down to acetaldehyde, which also violates the DAO function.

Smoking also leads to injury: In addition to the already harmful effects on human health (myocardial infarction, cancer), smoking has a direct effect on the splitting of histamine and can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

From this it follows that it is necessary to stop the abuse of nicotine (there can be no question of a reasonable « use ») and limit alcohol consumption to one drink a day (a small bottle of beer, glass of red wine, a glass of liqueur or schnapps) no more.

Treatment histaminase

If gistaminoz was confirmed or likely to contain histamine intolerance or histamine-releasing foods or medicines, you must avoid the use of substances listed in the list.

Completely eliminate the use of nicotine, alcohol – only in small doses, and rare cases. Additional nutrients can be applied which support the DAO and thus help to reduce the levels of histamine. This vitamin C (3 x teaspoon a day?), B6 ​​(«Hevert» tablet 1 x day, with a positive response after reducing to once a week), zinc (eg, Cefazink.), Magnesium (150 -300 mg per day) and calcium (1000 mg).

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