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Pharmacopuncture, gomeosiniatriya, mesotherapy in Belarus

Bioresonance therapy

The most recent advances in medicine R. Voll - this bio-resonance therapy (a technique proposed by German physician Franz Morelli). Using this method, the body removed from the patient "pathological kolebaniya" inherent in the disease, and with the help of a special device, changing to electromagnetic oscillations, opposite in sign, are returned, thereby extinguishing the pathological impulses, telling the body to a powerful revitalizing effect. BRT is the most modern method of homeopathic treatment, which allows almost immediately to prepare a drug for the treatment of many diseases.

Indications for BRT: allergies, dermatitis, asthma, various types of substance abuse, dystonia, tics, depression

Gomeosiniatriya Belarus

Gomeosiniatriya - a word formed from the fusion of two words: homeo (homeopathy) and China (China). This new trend in medicine has about 20 years, and it is at the confluence of the synthetic methods of ancient Chinese medicine and modern homeopathy. To enhance and accelerate the action of homeopathic medicines in the past introduced acupuncture points. When pain syndromes effect of treatment comes in the doctor's office.

Indications for gomeosiniatrii. The method gomeosiniatrii well treated by a variety of pain syndromes "shoulder-arm", arthritis, arthrosis, radikuloalgii, ischialgia, neuralgia, as well as almost all the diseases of internal organs, with indications for acupuncture and homeopathy. The course of treatment is determined by the attending physician depending on electropunctural diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment.


For nearly 40 years in cosmetology clinics and offices used another way to use homeopathic remedies. It was first used in France and quickly gained recognition and distribution in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries .

The method consists in the introduction of micro-doses of complex homeopathic preparations by a special technique directly to problem areas. The method was called mesotherapy, because in this case the drugs are administered not in the "classic" places for injections and even often in the acupuncture points and directly to the layer of skin called the mesoderm.

This further enhances the effectiveness of homeopathy. It should be noted that in these countries, in particular in Italy, mesotherapy is only allowed to be used complex homeopathic preparations of German firm "Heel".

Indications for use mesotherapy: it is primarily aesthetic problems of the skin: early wilting, premature wrinkles, "double" chins, skin folds, various forms of cellulite, acne, pyoderma and others. The course of treatment is on average 8-10 sessions, 1 procedure every week.

SOMETHING ABOUT US. Diagnostics by Voll

The company "BELNICO" was founded on the basis of the former Soviet-Austrian-American joint venture "SVENAS", which experts for the first time in the Republic of Belarus, in March 1990, officially started to use in the medical practice of the method of West German doctor R. Voll method (R. Voll).

During his work in the medical company "BELNICO" passed diagnostics and treated tens of thousands of patients who gained extensive practical experience, obtained significant positive clinical results, making it possible on the basis of the company since 1992 to hold regular courses of primary specialization for doctors together with the Moscow medical Academy. Sechenov and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. Total trained hundreds of physicians. The work of the Republic TV shot 3 film, there are many publications in the periodical press. With our direct participation was first officially approved medical training program homotoxicology at the Belarusian Academy of postdimplomnogo medical education and training carried out in 2003.

The doctor, Victor V. Nikolaev, is the organizer of UP & laquo; Belnico & raquo; From the very beginning of its existence. It has been repeatedly trained in Germany: on homotoxicology company "Heel", Baden-Baden, Germany; by electroacupuncture at the German member of society "Elektroakupunktur nach Voll", Dr. Heinrich Rossmann, Munich, Dr. V.Grauberger, Munich; by bio-resonance therapy from Dr. H. Schulz, Hildeyskhaym, as well as in Italy. Experience in this field for 13 years, there are scientific works in the field of medicine, participation in international congresses in the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Latvia and Germany. He is Chairman of the Belarusian Society of International & laquo; anthroposophic medicine and Homotoxicology & raquo ;, chief editor & laquo; Naturopathic Medicine & raquo;.

The last 3 years the company BELNICO actively introducing new technologies and methods of treatment, in particular omeloterapiyu the treatment of cancer, spagiriki. These homeopathic remedies companies Abnoba (oncology) and Erbenobili (spagiriki) are registered and available in pharmacies Belarus.

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