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Food Supplement Multimagnesio, alcalizing

Food Supplement Multimagnesio, alcalizing

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Food Supplement Multimagnesio

Pack of 60 tablets of 500 mg


Spagyrics containing various magnesium salts to improve its bioavailability. The absorption of magnesium, as well as other minerals, due to the form of administration. Multimagnezio enters the body 5 in the form of various salts of magnesium to ensure its correct absorption. Admission magnesium supplementation is needed in many cases: osteoporosis, alcoholism, migraine, premenstrual syndrome, renal failure, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, disorders of the blood pressure, etc. Acceptance of mineral additives is required for all patients suffering from anxiety and increased nervous excitability, with long-term stress, like athletes, and workaholics. People in old age is also recommended to increase the intake of magnesium.

Composition and description of specific components:

Magnesium salts: magnesium succinate, magnesium chloride, magnesium pidolate, magnesium aspartate, magnesium orotate

Other nutritional supplements: taurine, sodium borate,

Other components: silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, vegetable

Description and properties of active substances

Magnesium is a vital mineral, having a wide range of biological functions, participating in more than 300's of various metabolic reactions. This metal core is needed for all biological processes, such as cellular energy production and synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. It is also necessary to maintain the electrical stability of cells, cell membrane integrity, efficient muscle contraction, nerve conduction pathways of normalization and regulation of vascular tone.

Recommended dosage:

2-4 tablets per day, preferably between meals.


Spagyrics are highly active anthroposophical preparations. If the doctor has not appointed otherwise, start taking a low-dose: Drops to 2-3 tablets.


Magnesium is contraindicated in patients with renal failure or atrioventricular block (AV) high.

Side effects

Magnesium is not toxic and has a favorable safety profile. In case of overdose there may be nausea and vomiting, hypotension (low blood pressure), muscle weakness, difficulty breathing and cardiac arrhythmia.

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