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Where to buy homeopathic remedies in Minsk?

Where to buy homeopathic remedies in Minsk?

Homeopathic medicines spagiriki and other drugs can be bought in pharmacies Belarus Call for availability pharmacy management network 169 or content sites www.103.by or www.tabletka.by  .

Phytotherapy in Belarus

All information, including scientific articles, is located in the relevant sections of products, for doctors and patients on the site:

ABNOBA - omeloterapiya cancer (cancer treatment)

ERBENOBILI - spagiriki

GUNA - gomeopatizirovannye serum

PASCOE - herbal and homeopathic medicines

Also, on the use and acquisition of homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements and other drugs obraschtsya to medical company BELNICO , the official distributor in Belarus.

1) Itera-Med, SP OOO Pharmacy №3, Starovilensky tract 26/1, Minsk - link .

2) Duty Pharmacy Belfarm, Yakub Kolas 43/1, Minsk - link
Itera-Med, SP OOO Pharmacy №3 Duty Pharmacy Belfarm

3) SP OOO Itera-Med Pharmacy N2, L. Beda 19, Minsk -   link .

4) Pharmacy 24 N CJSC Belfarm, Zaslonova 48/1, Soligorsk link
IP Itera-Med Pharmacy Ltd. N2 Drugstore N 24 Belfarm CJSC
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