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Medical products and promotions in Belarus

Medical products and promotions in Belarus

The Medical Company "BELNICO" has been professionally engaged in the complex introduction of new brands of homeopathic products from their registration in the Ministry of Health of Belarus to the dynamic promotion and sales on the markets of Belarus, the CIS and the Baltic countries since 1993. In our portfolio we have the most interesting and effective marketing strategies of development and introduction of new brands of natural products.

The Medical Company "BELNICO" is the official distributor of a number of German and Italian manufacturers of homeopathic pharmaceutical products and spagyrics (ABNOBA, ERBENOBILI, GUNA®, and PASCOE). The line of registered products includes natural, homeopathic medicines to treat cancer, spagyrics, and cosmetic serum of natural origin.

All information, including scientific articles, is located in the relevant sections of the Products, to the doctors on the site:

ABNOBA - omeloterapiya cancer (cancer treatment)

ERBENOBILI - spagiriki

GUNA® - gomeopatizirovannye serum

PASCOE - herbal and homeopathic medicines

Marketing of health services

It's no secret that homeopathic treatments are the safest. This natural medication can be taken kiddies from birth, they are harmless for the elderly, expectant mothers and breastfeeding women.

The main reason for this efficiency and demand is that the materials used are made up of natural ingredients. These components are stimulants to recovery, they do not bear harm and have obscheozdoravlivayuschim action of the body. Annually produces medical market more secure and truly unique products made from natural ingredients.

Of course, in order to achieve the desired result you need to have high qualification and professionalism. Only a qualified specialist knows all the proportions of herbs and substances that promote healing, knows how to connect components, and knows their medicinal properties. Creating homeopathic remedies – very difficult and painstaking work that requires careful approach.

Medical marketing and promotion of medicines

The company « BELNICO » carries out the promotion in the Republic of Belarus of homeopathic remedies, as well as make every effort for the development of this useful and safe industry. Everyone is unique, therefore, for more effective treatment and a speedy recovery should consult with a homeopath. Our homeopath is the first category in the industry. With an individual approach to each visitor, professional skills and knowledge it can easily and accurately select medications contribute to the speedy and safe recovery.

« BELNICO » It is engaged in the promotion of drugs for more than fifteen years (since 1990). Located in Minsk office hosts not only their country. Many travel from abroad to provide professional advice and choose the most appropriate and current medications.

We strive to enrich the medical market safe and effective homeopathic remedies. Register drugs, their introduction and widespread use promotes the improvement and more efficient operation of the marketing of medical services.

Pharmaceutical companies and promotion in Belarus

To be treated, to maintain their health and youth with the help of natural and environmental components – for this tends to all of humanity. No chemicals will not bring such a result as a combination of natural and taken from the nature of the components. Continuous work, new ideas and research contribute to the rapid development of medical marketing. That is why the development of this industry and the creation of natural products is very promising, profitable and sought-after destination for marketers and managers of pharmaceutical companies.

Having tried once by natural agents, customers prefer them, not wanting to return to the harmful and unknown drugs. We carry out the registration of medicines for numerous many diseases and pathologies, as well as carry out work on their promotion in Belarus. Check proposed medications, carry out all the relevant tests and research as well as to obtain the appropriate license for the production and sale of homeopathic medicines (for which demand suddenly increases) can be addressed to us.

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