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The main directions of the homeopathic company

BELNICO - Your Guide to the Ffield of Innovative Medical Technologies!

BELNICO is a medical, contract research company founded in 1990. Our main activities include medical appointments, registration of homeopathic products, clinical trials, complete introduction of new brands of homeopathic products on the markets of Belarus, the CIS and Baltic countries, as well as their direct application in clinical practice.

Homeopathic Company "Belnico" is the exclusive distributor of the following leading homeopathic companies in Belarus and abroad: ABNOBA, ERBENOBILI, GUNA, and PASCOE.

Main activities of Homeopathic Company BELNICO

Each homeopathic product or spagyrics have their own uniqueness. The homeopathic products are widely used in oncology, cosmetics, therapy, cardiology, gynecology, gastroenterology, urology, and other areas. The products are completely natural and are highly effective.

Detailed information on each homeopathic product can be found in the relevant sections of the "Company's Products."

We invite you for a medical appointment as well as to drug stores of the city!

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