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Dynamic development of the Homeopathic Company BELNICO

The Homeopathic Company BELNICO has been going through its dynamic cycle of development and has defined its main activities as having best perspectives and efficiency in natural medicine as a whole.  At present, managers and specialists of the Company significantly contribute to  making homeopathic methods of treatment, mistletoe therapy in oncology, and spagyrics more popular in Belarus. As a result of great efforts of BELNICO,  homeopathic products, spagyrics, and mistletoe products in oncology are in greater demand and extensively used in clinical practice in Belarus. 

2015-2016 - Extension of Trends, Markets, and Development of New Techniques and Methods

At present, BELNICO invests all efforts in promoting a healthy life style by using natural products of ERBENOBILI, ABNOBA, GUNA, and PASCOE. New markets and registrations lists are currently extended.

2012-2015 - Registration of Spagyrics ERBENOBILI

For the first time BELNICO registers a wide range of spagyrics or food supplements with high concentration of extractives, spagyric red wine using the plants fully by the Italian manufacturer ERBENOBILI. All lines of products are available in drug stores of Minsk and are applicable in gynecology, gastroentherology, cardiology, urology, ummunive system, sugar balance, sour throat, and other areas.

2014 - Registration of Herbal Products PASCOE

BELNICO registers a new herbal product that normalizes pH balance by the German manufacturer PASCOE which helps alcalizing the body, thus preventing development of ailments and diseases.

2013-2014 - Registration of Homeopathic Cosmetic Serums GUNA

Due to BELNICO efforts, homeopathic cosmetic serums by the Italian manufacturer GUNA were registered in Belarus. It has no allergic reactions and has a wide spectrum of application.

2013 - Registration of Mistletoe Products for Oncology ABNOBA

For the first time BELNICO registers natural homeopathic mistletoe products AbnobaVISCUM Fraxini by the German manufacturer ABNOBA widely used in oncology intended to treat cancer to improve the quality of life. At present, the population of Belarus has a unique opportunity to use these mistletoe products against oncological diagnosis. The products are available in drug stores.

2002-2007  – Partnership Development (Other Brands)

BELNICO actively develops its partnership and registers a number of new brands of homeopathic  medical products by Italian, German and Austrian manufacturers such as "OTI", „CEFAK“, „F. TRENKA“, „DR- GUSTAV KLEIN“ and  „ENGELHARD“.

2004 - First International Society on Anthroposophical Medicine and Homotoxicology in Belarus

The first International Society on Anthroposophical Medicine and Homotoxicology is founded in Belarus. The Chairman of the Society is the founder of the Medical Company BELNICO Dr. VIctor Nikolaev.

2003 – First Official Program on Homotoxicology

Due to BENICO assistance, the first official training program for doctors o­n homotoxicology gets approved, and the first training course for doctors o­n homotoxicology takes place at the Belarusian Academy of Postgraduate Training for Doctors in Minsk. 

1999  – Beginning of Contract-Research Activity

BELNICO begins developing its contract-research medical activity and cooperates with European companies-developers that specialize in clinical trials and invention of pharmaceutical medical products.  At  present, among our partners in the field of contract-research activity can be  found representatives from Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Croatia, and Ukraine. 

1998  – Expansion of Complex Homeopathy DHU

In order to extend a  range of homeopathic medical products, “Belnico” begins marketing of complex  homeopathic medical products by the German pharmaceutical company „DHU“.

1994  – First Registration of HEEL

In compliance with the requirements of the Ministry for Health of Belarus, BELNICO begins  registration of homeopathic products using similar procedures for registration as allopathic medical products.  Our great appreciation goes to Doctor of Pharmacological Sciences, member of the Russian Pharmaceutical Committee, D-r Patudin A.V for his great assistance in  compiling the required documentation.  As a result of the hard work under given circumstances, such complex homeopathic  products as “Traumeel”, “Lymphomiosot”, “Euphorbium”, “Zeel”, “Discus”,  “Hepar”, “Vertigoheel”, “Nervoheel” were in great demand and were extensively used in Belarus. 

1992  – Launch of Complex Homeopathy HEEL

BELNICO implements complex homeopathic medical products of the German pharmaceutical company HEEL in clinical practice of Belarus. Since then, “Belnico” organizes annual conferences advising o­n clinical use of medical products HEEL in Belarus in  cooperation with the Russian Company “Arnebia”. 

1990  (March) – First Clinical Practice in Belarus

BELNICO is first to offer clinical practice in the field of electro-acupuncture diagnosis and  homeopathic methods of treatment in Belarus that gave  impulse in seeking special homeopathic medical products.  At the same time, BELNICO begins and  organizes theoretical and practical courses in diagnostic and therapeutic method of treatment by Dr. Reinhold Voll (EAV Method) in close cooperation with Moscow Medical Academy named  after Sechenov I.M. (1991-1994).

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