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The Medical Company BELNICO is a recognized leader of Belarus not only in the field of homeopathy, mistletoe therapy in oncology, spagyrics, and phytotherapy since 1990. Besides medical practice and registration activities, we specialize in conducting clinical trials. The outstanding features in the contract-research activity of the Medical Company BELNICO are:

  • more than 15 years of expertise;
  • cooperation with reliable sponsors and partners;
  • full logistical support;
  • project, monitoring, and financial management.

Due to the Medical Company BELNICO, the markets of Belarus, CIS, and the Baltic States expand their lines of homeopathic products every year.

Why company "BELNICO"?

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Medical Appointment Homeopath in Minsk

Medical Appointment Homeopath in Minsk

Thank you for your interest in our company! We would like to invite you for a medical appointment. You can make an appointment with our leading specialist…

Marketing, Promotion and Registration of New Brands

Marketing, Promotion and Registration of New Brands

BELNICO – Your Guide to new medical products! Medical Marketing Medical Company BELNICO has been professionally engaged in complex marketing of new brands…

The company Belnico is conducting clinical studies

The company Belnico is conducting clinical studies

Thank you for your interest in our contract research activities! The «BELNICO» Company has been successfully developing its contract research activities…

Homeopathic Contract Research Organization BELNICO

The development of homeopathy in Belarus

Homeopathy and homeopathic treatment can help any patient due to its unique ability not to cure the disease itself but to improve the well-being, so that the body regains its strength and resists diseases more successfully. If for some reason during the homeopathic treatment it is impossible to stop taking conventional medicine the dose can be reduced. The younger the patient is, the shorter the period of the disease can be and the smaller the number of chemical drugs is used, the faster the desired recovery is reached. However, it is necessary to take into account the individuality of each individual case. Therefore, the homeopath carefully studies the patient's history, listens to complaints and the patient's symptoms during the consultation.

It is worth noting that for people with allergies, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and infants homeopathy is the most secure method that allows getting the most effective results.

In March 1990 the first homeopathic practice with new homeopathic methods of treatment and techniques was open in Belarus by our medical contract research company BELNICO. We were looking for new effective drugs. For the first time naturopathy in Belarus has been open to the public thanks to the homeopath by doctor Victor Nikolaev who is the founder of BELNICO in Minsk. After that, BELNICO began to actively develop new areas of natural medicine as the most efficient vectors in improve well-being.

Homeopathic treatment in Minsk

At present, homeopathic company BELNICO, Belarus is actively working to promote homeopathic methods of treatment, homeopathic remedies, spagyrics, homeopathic cosmetic serums and food supplements which are of natural origin. The continues work of specialists led to the fact that homeopathic remedies and tools have been used successfully in the practice of homeopaths in Belarus since 1990. Thanks to BELNICO, homeopathy in Belarus and homeopathic treatments are constantly evolving. Is is always expanding new trends, develops new methods and technologies for the use of homeopathy in various fields of medicine.

In addition to homeopathy, homeopathic company BELNICO successfully works in areas such as herbal medicine, and spagyrics and mistletoe therapy. Mistletoe therapy is a new direction for Belarus that is of particular interest. The growth of cancer in the world continues. The oncological sector in Belarus has achieved impressive results, but due to the use of the mistletoe therapy we can reach the level of Germany, where these preparations, namely homeopathic mistletoe drugs are used in 2/3 of cancer patients (73%). Thanks to this method, treatment in oncology Minsk gives good results. In addition to the effective treatment of their patients for decades, BELNICO has been conducting various clinical studies and cooperates with reliable foreign partners. We have patients who come to BELNICO to see homeopath not only from Belarus but also from abroad.

Thus, we can say the Belarusian people and its guests have a wonderful opportunity to use the most innovative methods of homeopathic treatment and rehabilitation in Belarus which will help them  cope with various diseases or maintain a healthy body.

Homeopathic Products

Food Supplement CoreVin, cardiology Erbenobili

Food Supplement CoreVin, cardiology Erbenobili

Homeopathic remedies Guna Omeoformula 4

Homeopathic remedies Guna Omeoformula 4

The drug against venous insufficiency Guna Omeoformula 5

The drug against venous insufficiency Guna Omeoformula 5

Guna Omeoformula 3 - prevention of tissue tone

Guna Omeoformula 3 - prevention of tissue tone

New Belnico:

Presentation of Spagyrics ERBENOBILI in St. Petersburg on Nov 12, 2016

Homeopathic Company BELNICO has successfully conducted a presentation on spagyrics ERBENOBILI in St.…


Spagyrics ERBENOBILI are now available in Russia!

Great news! Effective November, 2016 spagyrics of the Italian manufacturer ERBENOBILI are available on…


New products:

Quantitative analysis of receptor-mediated uptake and pro-apoptotic activity of mistletoe lectin-1

Beztsinna N.1, de Matos M.B.C.1,2, Walther J.1, Heyder C.2, Hildebrandt, E.2,3,Leneweit G.2, Mastrobattista…


Quantitative analysis of receptor-mediated uptake and pro-apoptotic activity of mistletoe lectin-1

Beztsinna1, M. B. C. de Matos1,2, J. Walther1, C. Heyder2, E. Hildebrandt2,3, G. Leneweit2, E. Mastrobattista1…




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The emergence of the homeopathic method of treatment

Homeopathy This method of drug treatment, involving the use of infinitesimally small doses of homeopathic medicines, those made on specific rules of those substances, plants, minerals, itd which, when adopted   in large, conventional doses cause complaints similar to the symptoms of a particular disease. homeopathic treatment principle implies the principle of «Similarity», when simptomokomleks complaints when the disease is similar to complaints and symptoms occur when high doses of   a certain substance. At the same time, all the trials of homeopathic medicines occur only in humans.

The founder of homeopathy is considered a prominent physician and pharmacist, a professor at Leipzig University Samuel. Hahnemann. At the time, he made a surprising discovery, which enabled him to use the principle of «Similarity» make certain revolution in medicine. For example, before,   a   tend to reduce the symptoms of  malarial fever   used   quinine. In those days, when quinine was not yet recovered from the plant, the patients took a powder made from the bark of the cinchona tree. Hahnemann drew attention to the fact that the use of cinchona bark in large doses causes a temporary fever, very similar to malaria. Applying very small doses of cinchona bark Hahnemann received the opposite effect-the symptoms of malarial fever disappeared. Having carried out a series of other experiments, in 1796, Hahnemann established the basic laws of homeopathy. Thus, he found that the disease heals the homeopathic medicine, the current   whose agent, in normal doses, healthy person causes similar symptoms. Professor experimented assiduously, so he came to a particular method of preparation of homeopathic remedies.

Action homeopathy

After receiving the homeopathic medicine, which was chosen individually, a person improves health and psychological state. Then, gradually disappear disturbing symptoms. For example, if a patient is sick with the flu, then it starts to decrease the temperature. It should be noted that homeopathy exerts its effect not on viruses or bacteria on the human body as a whole. Hahnemann has shown that it is the treatment of   gives good results

The starting material from which the homeopathic remedy , is in a very low concentration. It is therefore difficult to understand why its effects on the human body is beneficial. At the same time, there are many theories about how the mechanism works homeopathic treatment. &Nbsp; The most reasonable assumption is this view is that in the works of a homeopathic medicine made certain changes in the structure of the molecular bonds of water-alcohol solution of the original funds, resulting in their specific «structuring».

What can be cured through homeopathy

Prevention and treatment of diseases with homeopathic methods can help with conditions such as:

  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • Neuroses;
  • Headaches;
  • Insomnia;
  • &ndash diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; colitis, cholecystitis, hemorrhoids, chronic gastritis;
  • Diabetes ;
  • Obesity;
  • Diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • Violations of the menstrual cycle;
  • The adhesions and obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • Breast Disease;
  • Chronic prostatitis;
  • Allergic disease seasonal allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma;
  • Acute infectious diseases, acute respiratory infections, influenza;
  • papillomas, warts, warts;
  • Benign tumors ;
  • Chronic skin diseases.
  • As well as providing substantial assistance in the treatment and prevention of cancer.
  • Please also bear in mind that the above mentioned diseases or symptoms do not show the whole multiplicity of different diseases and their symptoms, so there is always wise to consult a doctor homeopath about their status.
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